A Revolution we can all get behind

The brains behind Fjuka is the elusive David Preston. Tackle genius Preston is the founder of some of Europe’s largest fishing brands and the inventor of many industry standards.

When in 2014 Preston sold his tackle empire, he envisioned a lazy bank-side retirement. But first took a holiday in Japan:

“We were cycling through a remote Japanese village when we came across an old man fishing with his grandson. They were catching fish after fish. After a bit of cajoling, they took me to an artisanal workshop in the hills. The place was full of locals stretching, kneading and rolling these round, flexible, fish-baits. That was the end of my retirement!”



Back in the UK Preston spent many, many, months perfecting a process to manufacture his miracle bait.  In 2019 “Fjuka” (pronounced like “super” not that other word) 2in1 Bait was born.

It’s the biggest bait innovation since the maggot.

‘Fjuka is the miracle revolution the fishing community has been waiting for. A single bait that you can use just like a maggot – to hook, feed, and attract.

It needs no prep and lasts just about forever so long as its kept airtight.

What Are The Benefits Of Fjuka?

  • It hooks perfectly with great hookhold
  • It needs no prep  – no soaking or drilling
  • You don’t need an additional attractant
  • It combines or divides to make any size bait
  • It catches brilliantly

Tested by thousands of real anglers

Rather than getting experts to review the product, thousands of everyday anglers have tried it out for themselves.

The Fjuka ‘Baitmobile’ is a kind of ice cream van for fishermen. It’s been turning up at fisheries, lakes and clubs so ordinary anglers can try out the bait. The fact that they’re all catching fish on Fjuka and genuinely recommending it to others without being paid or bribed, has meant people see Fjuka is genuinely is different and it certainly catches fish!’

We launched the Baitmobile in the dead of winter, but the results were great. It seems Fjuka catches even better in cold conditions. And I worked out why that is. It has to do with this attractant I invented. Sensate is loaded into all Fjuka baits and is basically a blend of eight different supplements. But here’s the clever bit….these attractants are adsorbed onto very small fat particles.

Each one measures just 0.4 of a thousandth of a millimetre. So there are literally billions of these particles in just one gram of Sensate. Which means whenever Fjuka hits the river or lake, these tiny, tiny, particles immediately start to make a solution in the water, carrying intense smell and taste far and wide. In fact, I worked out that by using micronised particles, Sensate gives off 3,000 times the taste and smell of a normal attractant. And, of course, unlike oils, it works just as well in cold water.

Kids too

We’ve also given away thousands of bags of Fjuka 2in1 bait to under-sixteens during school holidays. We will be giving away thousands more bags this year, with the aim of getting the next generation of anglers in place for the future. Fjuka is basically a feed pellet that you can hook, so it’s ideal to get new kids into the sport. It’s simple, clean and catches loads of fish.