One of the most common reactions I get when I hand someone some Fjuka for the first time is: “it’s very bright isn’t it.”

A valid observation of course. All the baits – but especially the Neeonz are VERY bright.

To some anglers, I can see this is instantly perceived as a negative. You can tell it makes them uncomfortable. They worry that the fact the bait is so bright, will actually put fish off.

Match anglers especially have at the forefront of their mind a need to ‘match the hatch’, it’s just how we are. We like black hemp, dark casters and on hard venues, black groundbait. We fish light lines, and small hooks, with intricate presentations. Everything we try and do is about making our bait blend in with the feed….or is it?

For sure, this mindset is prevalent… but then we will happily cup a full pot of bright white liquidised bread into a gin clear drain, and catch a roach every chuck in. Or we might cup the groundbait, which we have just died black to make sure it is REALLY dark into the local canal… then fish a fluoro pinkie on the hook over the top.

For commercial anglers, in the dead of winter, we will cast our camouflaged feeder, and black hook out into the lake…but put a fluoro wafter on the hook. Or, go to extreme lengths to find the smallest, most discrete expander pellets…. then start the match on a bright corn skin, or piece of bread.

It’s a massive contradiction for us. On the one hand, we want everything to be low key, dull, washed out, and natural. But on the other hand, we know that often bright, stand out baits not only get us more bites that their duller brothers, but often attract an instant response.

I have seen this time and again while field testing Fjuka bait, and filming anglers using it. One of my favourite acid tests is to ask an angler to fish with their normal bait, and then slip a Fjuka Neeonz on the hook.

Roughly seventy percent of the time, it produces an instant bite, far quicker than the hookbait they were using before. This trick will often work two or three times, then the action slows back to normal pace. The key then, is to try a different colour…

There are days of course, when this isn’t the case. Some days the fish do, like ‘natural’. But as a competition angler, the power of that instant response is a great weapon to have in the armoury.

They really are the ultimate change hookbait, from the colour, which can’t fail to catch the eye, to the Sensate™ attractant, which – like the colour of these baits – is totally unique. Take a tube with you next time you go out on the bank, the results might just surprise you.