Part of the Fjuka philosophy is to bring fishing to a new audience.

Getting kids off the X-box and onto the bank is something we’d all like to see – and you’ll be glad to know – the signs are good. Take a look at 9 year-old Kenzie here, inspired by his match-fishing dad Steve.Our view at Fjuka is that if you make it simple to catch a few fish quickly, you’ve got an angler for life.


Generation X can get revolutionary too!

And it’s not just the young ones we want to get out and on the right end of a rod – if you’ve fallen off the fishing wagon completely or just want an easier way of heading out to fish more often, Fjuka is the ideal bait for versatility and ease.

Who you gonna call?

With our sofa-shifting plan in mind, we’ve been all over the country bringing Fjuka to fisheries, schools, clubs and fishing syndicates. And, if  you’d like the Fjuka Bait Wagon to swing by and offer some revolutionary fishing opportunities to your fishing crowd – just get in touch and we’ll see what we can do.

Just think of us a bit like Batman – or should we say ‘Baitman’?