Tom Scholey and the Fjuka outdoor camera crew make their way to a new fishery every week with the Fjuka Bait Wagon.

The Fjuka ‘Bait Wagon’ is a kind of ice cream van for fishermen. It’s been turning up at fisheries, lakes and clubs so ordinary anglers can try out the bait. The fact that they’re all catching fish on Fjuka and genuinely recommending it to others without being paid or bribed, has meant people see Fjuka is genuinely different and it certainly catches fish!’

‘Rod-tested’ by thousands of real anglers – in all weather!

Rather than getting experts to review Fjuka baits, we’ve asked everyday anglers to try it out for themselves – via the popular Fjuka Roadtrip. Here are just a few who’ve ‘rod-tested’ our revolutionary bait.

Coming to a venue near you…soon

Tom and the Fjuka team are getting ready for the summer leg of the Fjuka Roadtrip right now. If they’re coming your way, why not pop in and say ‘Hi’!? We’d love to see you. If you’d like the Bait Wagon to head to a venue near you just let us know and we’ll see what we can do.

Roadtrip Dates

1st July – Avalon Fishery, Somerset
6th July – Lake John, Essex