All Fjuka Bait is powered by an attractant called Sensate™. Unique to Fjuka, Sensate™ micro-nutrients are loaded into the body of every pellet. There’s no faster way to bring fish into your swim.

3000 times the bio-available flavour

David Preston is the brains behind tackle giants Preston Innovations, Sonu Baits and Avid Carp:

“Sensate™  is the greatest innovation of my career – and it’s only 0.4 of a micro-metre big” (that’s 0.4 thousandths of a millimetre.)

“The attractants in Sensate™ are carried by tiny food particles – so you get faster dissolution rates and greater available taste,  flavour and nutrition.”

“Millions of micro-food-particles also mean a greater surface area of available taste and smell; which means you vastly improve the effectiveness of your attractants.”

“In fact Sensate™  has 3,000 times the surface area of a normal oil attractant for example – that’s 3000 times more taste and smell for the fish to detect.”





Powerful flavour that spreads fast

When Fjuka baits hit the river, lake, or ocean Sensate’s™ micro-nutrient attractants start to disperse their scent and flavour instantly.

Better still, because Sensate’s™ particles are so incredibly fine, these attractants won’t sink to the bottom, or float on the surface of the water.

They will form a cloud of flavour and taste all around your bait. There’s no faster way to bring fish into your swim.